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Welcome to Prrsaar Stock Vidyapeeth, a distinguished Educational Institute with a profound focus on the Stock Market. Our mission is simple yet powerful: "You Must Grow, India Must Grow." At PSV, we are dedicated to guiding individuals to seize opportunities: NAUKRI, NIVESH, and VYAPAR within the Share Market, paving the way for your Financial Success.

What makes us special is that we have a big dream & our ambitious vision, furled by a noble purpose - to create a nation free from Unemployment and Poverty. With our expertise and commitment, we work to shape a brighter future for both our students and our country.

At PSV, we understand the market can be Complex, but we're here to empower traders and investors to navigate it with confidence through our comprehensive educational programs.

With a focus on simplicity and common sense, our stock market educational institute will produce a breed of consistently productive traders and investors with a process-oriented mindset.

Prrsaar Stock Vidyapeeth is the place for you! we not only present knowledge but also provide the roadmap to your Dreams!


Dr . Ved Prakash Gupta

(Motivational Teacher & Mentor)
Chairman Prrsaar Group

Rohit Malhotra

(Director Education)
Research Analyst

Adarsh Malholtra

(Option Trader & Investor)

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